Metro Denver CAT is a project of the Denver Animal Foundation, and contributions to DAF for the benefit of Metro Denver CAT are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

EIN: 84-1369482

Metro Denver CAT es un proyecto de Denver Animal Foundation, y contribuciones a DAF al beneficio de Metro Denver CAT son deducibles de impuestos en la medida permitida por la ley.

EIN: 84-1369482

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How do I Take Care of a Colony of Feral Cats

The very first thing that needs to be done when caring for a colony of cats outside is to make sure that a the cats are spayed and neutered and that any new cats that show up in the colony get spayed and neutered as soon as possible. 

The reason spay/neuter is the first and most important step is because it is the best way to stop the overpopulation of cats, keep the cats healthy and happy, and help keep your neighbors happy by eliminating nuisance behaviors. Metro Denver Cat provides free trap rental to anyone who needs to trap cats for trap- neuter- return. Call (844)- 336- 2287 to schedule an appointment to pick up traps.

After the cats have been fixed, create an area where you will feed the cats daily. It is best to only feed in one area and to keep this area as clean as possible in order to not attract insects and wildlife, and to keep the cats healthy. It is also important to not feed overnight and to remove all uneaten food after 30 minutes. Leaving food out all day can cause the food to spoil and can attract insects and wildlife. 

Another way to help keep the food safe from the weather is to build a feeding station.   Make sure to provide fresh water everyday. During the winter, you can provide a heated water bowl or a rubber water bowl to prevent water from freezing. 

Provide shelters where the cats can stay during cold weather. A good shelter will keep the cats safe during wintertime, and prevent the cats from seeking shelter in your neighbors' sheds or patios. You can build very simple and easy shelters out of plastic storage containers. See instructions here. 

Providing litter boxes for outdoor cats is another way to keep them healthy, and prevent upsetting your neighbors. Making or using sandboxes is the best choice for the cats outside. Use sand as the litter, as it can withstand the weather and is a good attractant for outside cats. Place the litter box in a quiet and sheltered area with very little traffic. 

If you have a large colony of cats, it is important to keep he area where they live and eat as clean as possible. Proper maintenance and hygine is the best way to keep the cats happy and healthy, and keep the neighbors from getting upset.