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How to make a outside litterbx for feral cats

How do I make an outdoor litter box for my feral cat colony?

Providing an outdoor litterbox for your feral cat colony can help in curbing nuisance behaviors like, marking and defecating in gardens, in landscaping, on walls, etc. 

Completely litter training feral cats is hard but by providing a safe area for them to go you are more likely to curb some of these behaviors and be a better neighbor. 

The key to creating an outdoor litterbox is to use sand instead of litter and place it in an area where the cats will feel safe using it, such as a non-trafficked area that is shaded and easy for the cats and humans to get to. 

Below we provided different types of litterboxes you can buy or make depending on your feral cat colony. 

For a small colony of one to three feral cats. 


Buy an indoor cat litterbox enclosure. 



Make a enclosed litterbox using a storage container. 

You have two options for making a litterbox out of a storage container. 

The first options is to make a feeding station but instead of food bowls put a large litterbox inside using sand as your litter. 

The second option is to make a 6 inch by 6 inch  door in a 30 gallon storage container and fill the container up with sand. 


Buy a hooded or enclosed litterbox. 

We recommend buying a hooded or enclosed litterbox that can be put under a covered porch, in a garage, or shed. 

These should also be filled with sand instead of litter. 


For a large colony of feral cats. 


Buy a sandbox or kiddie pool and fill it up with sand. 

These are good options because you do not need tools to make them and if you need to move them around you can. 


Make a sandbox. 


Here are instructions to make a simple sandbox. 

Making a sandbox is a good idea if you have a very large colony of 10 plus cats and have an area in your yard that they like to go in. 

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