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Help for Cats

Removing, Relocating, and Barn Homes

I Need to Rehome or Relocate a Feral Cat 

What do I do?


When caring for feral cats, it is important to know that they are a very territorial species. Because of this fact, removing, relocating and placing these cats into barn homes should ONLY be done as a last resort, when it is not safe to return the cats to their territory. At Metro Denver Cat we only ever recommend relocation and barn home placement if it is the last and only good option for a feral cat. 


The reasons we consider relocating or placing feral cats into barn homes are as follows:

  • The caretaker is not able to take care of the colony anymore and there is no one else who is willing to take over caring for that colony (ask around before assuming this is the case!)

  • The area where the cats live is being demolished

  • The cat's safety and health is a concern due to other circumstances. 

If any of the reasons above are a concern with a colony you are taking care of or know about, please call us at 884- 336- 2287 so we can discuss the options for these cats. 



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