Help for Cats


I Lost My Cat 

What do I do?

  1.  First things first: visit your local animal shelter's website and see if your cat is listed on their lost and found page. The map below shows animal shelters in the Metro Denver area. 

  2. Make a free Lost Cat poster at PetFBI. 


      Tips for making a Lost Cat poster:​
      • Use a clear image of your cat ​

      • Make sure to describe any unique markings on your cat, or if he/she was wearing a collar when they went missing. 

      • Include the cross street and date where/when your cat was last seen. 

      • Keep it simple- Don't include unnecessary writing on your poster or people may not read it. 

      • Print your poster on bright colored paper such as yellow, orange or pink. 

  3. Distribute and post flyers in a 3-mile radius from where your cat was last seen.​

  4. Distribute posters to vet clinics, shelters and pet stores in your area.

  5. If your cat was microchipped, call the microchip company. If you don't know your pets microchip company, you can look it up on here by entering their microchip number. Once you have called the company, make sure your contact info is up-to-date and that the company knows your pet is lost. 

  6. Post a Missing Cat ad on Craigslist, Nextdoor, and Facebook. 

  7. For more tips see: Lost Cat Tips

Metro Denver CAT is a project of the Denver Animal Foundation, and contributions to DAF for the benefit of Metro Denver CAT are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Metro Denver CAT es un proyecto de Denver Animal Foundation, y contribuciones a DAF al beneficio de Metro Denver CAT son deducibles de impuestos en la medida permitida por la ley.

EIN: 84-1369482

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