Help for cats


Found Kittens Outside 

What do I do?

First, contact us at (844) -336-2287 or send us a message using the form below. We will guide you on how you can help the kittens and suggest the measures to take, depending on the specific situation.

If you need help immediately, our diagram below shows what you can do to help now. 

Found a kitten outside and not sure what to do?

This diagram will help you decide what you can do to help them. 

Are the kittens 5

weeks or older?




Are the kittens 

with Mom?

Are the kittens 

Did the mom come back

for the kittens a

few hours later?


Trying to grab them is

difficult and dangerous

for you and them. 
Get a humane cat trap. 




Kittens rely on mom to care

for them. Without mom these

kittens need your help!  

Take them to your nearest

shelter as soon as possible. 

They need to stay with their mom.

It is better and safer for them

to stay with her. Once the kittens

are walking on their own trap

them and mom. Take the kittens to

your local shelter and take

mom to get spayed, vaccinated

and return her to where

you trapped her.  

Kittens 2 months and

older can not be socialized,

but they can live long

and healthy lives if they get


and RETURNED to where

you trapped them. 

Take them to your nearest

shelter, so they can

get socialized and adopted

into loving homes. 


Click on image above for a PDF of this flowchart. 

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