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Help for Cats

Deterring Cats

I have Cats in my Yard

How do I deter them from going onto my property?

At Metro Denver CAT we realize not everyone loves cats or wants feral cats in their yard. That is why we  compiled a list of tips to deter feral, stray, and owned cats from your yard or property. 

One thing to remember is that you may never be able to  keep cats from your yard completely, but through these methods and aggressive T-N-R (trap, neuter, return) we will be able to curb their nuisance behaviors and stop cat overpopulation. 

 One method on this list may not work for each and every cat you are hoping to deter. The cat may get used to that particular method and not be bothered by it eventually, so it is a good idea to consider trying multiple techniques mentioned here. 

Always remember you can call us at any time to get more recommendations 844 - 336 - 2287 

For a downloadable PDF file of this information click here

  • Cats are pooping/peeing or digging in my garden.

    • Solutions from least to most expensive:​

      • Scatter fresh orange and lemon peels around garden or areas you don't want cats to go. You can make environmentally- friendly cat repellent sprays using vinegar, lemon juice, rosemary, and other common household ingredients. Here is a link to a website with five common recipes for these sprays.

      • Place pebbles or stones in your garden bed or in loose soil, and anywhere they are defecating. Most cats are looking for places to dig and defecate in, and gardens and loose soil are common places they love. 

      • Lay chicken wire on top of new garden beds and cut out holes where plants will go. Then cover chicken wire with 1 inch of mulch or soil. 

      • Plant cat repellent plants such as; Coleus canina, lavender, and rue

      • Install a motion activated ultrasonic device such as the Yard Sentinel

      • Install a motion activated sprinkler such as the Hoont Cobra.

  • Cats are yowling, fighting, spraying, and mating near my house at night.

    • All of these behaviors are the results of a cat not being neutered. If cats are behaving this way at night in your area, they are more than likely feral cats that need to be TNR'd (trap, neutered, and returned). Please call us at 844-336-2287 to find out how we can assist you for free! 

  • Cats are getting into my trash.

    • Always remember C.A.T.: Contain All Trash. It doesn't only pertain to cats, but to all wildlife in the Metro Denver area. Animals are often enticed to your yard in the first place by food left in the trash. To help keep animals out of your trash and yard, keep your trash contained in a trash can with a tight lid. 

    • ​Another way to ensure animals are not attracted to your trash is to clean your trash cans regularly with bleach. 

  • Cats climbing on my car and leaving footprints.

    • Motion activated Ultrasonic devices such as the Yard Sentinel work well for the area where you park your car. 

    • Purchase a car cover. 

  • Cats are lounging on my patio furniture and in my yard.

feral-cat-colony .jpg
  • Cats are sleeping/living under porch or shed.

    • First make sure no cats or kittens are under the deck or shed, then seal up any holes with chicken wire or lattice. If the cats you are seeing are not fixed, they will often find nice dark areas to have their kittens in the summertime, so always make sure to check for kittens and cats before blocking an area. Then give as a call so we can get help for the kittens and mom for free! 844-336-2287

  • Cats are spraying on my walls, doors, or other areas. 

    • The best solution is to clean any areas where the cat has urinated with an enzyme- based odor neutralizer. One good option is Nature's Miracle Orange Oxy. By removing the cat's smell from the area you will eliminate its desire to return and mark that area again. 

  • Cats are having kittens and living/defecating in my window wells

    • The best solution is to make sure no cats or kittens are in your window wells and then buy a cover that you can screw down over all or your window wells. The only way to keep them from going in there is to block the area up. Then once this is done rent a free trap from us to catch the mom and kittens. You can buy window well covers from Home Depot and Lowes

    • If the kittens are new born wait until they are starting to walk to catch them and then place window well covers over the area. It is never a good idea to separate newborn kittens from their mother. For more info on what to do if you find kittens click here. 

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