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Help for Cats

Spay and Neuter
Spay and Neuter

At this time Metro Denver CAT is only able to offer discounted spay and neuter for pet cats to clients in the 80219, 80223, 80204, 80216, and 80239 zip codes. If you have a pet cat that you would like to have spayed or neutered and live in any of the above zip codes, give us a call at (844)-336-2287 or email us. 

If you have feral cats you need to get spayed and neutered, we are able to help anyone in Colorado for free. These cats need to come to us in humane cats traps and will receive a left ear tip. Call us at (844-336-2287) or email us to find out how to schedule an appointment. 

If you do not live in any of the above zip codes and need help with spay and neuter for a pet cat click here for a list of low-cost spay and neuter clinics. 

Not sure about spay or neuter?

Here are the top 4 reasons it's good idea:


A longer, healthier life for your cat!


Spayed or neutered cats are less likely to get sick. Unfixed cats have a tendency to wander away from home more often which can increase their likelihood of getting hit by a car, injured, or killed by a wild animal.

They are also more likely to get in fights with other cats in your neighborhood, which increases their chances of getting injured or contracting a serious disease. Fixed cats are also less aggressive to you, other cats, and animals!

Just like people, cats can have dangerous and even fatal complications during pregnancy and delivery. You love your cat; spaying and neutering is one of the best ways to give them a long, healthy life.


Less stress for you and your cat!


Your spayed female cat won't yowl and cry for months of heat cycles. It's uncomfortable for her and annoying for you. Get her spayed and you both can sleep through the night! Male cats are less likely to roam when they are neutered, which helps keep them safe from dangers outside and keeps them out of neighbors' yards where they might not be welcome.  


Fixed cats are also less likely to spray outside the litter box. Fixing a cat also takes care of the strong urine smell you might have noticed- it's unmistakable and hard to get rid of!


No hassles or extra costs from litters of kittens!


Your cat may be your baby, but they are ready to have their own kittens at 6 months when they are still a kitten themselves! As kittens, they can even breed with their own siblings or parents if not separated. That's the kind of "accident" you can avoid with spay and neuter!

Having a bunch of kittens around seems like fun- until you think about the costs and cleaning it takes to care for them. It’s difficult to find homes for all the kittens your cat can have. Save yourself the trouble or the worry of getting stuck with more cats than you want to keep by spaying your cat!


 More homes for the homeless!


Millions of pets are waiting in shelters, and even more must live outside when their owner can no longer keep them; fixing your cat keeps those numbers down!

Low-cost spay and neuter clinics
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